High Risk Car Loans

High risk car loans, sometimes called bad credit car loans, special finance car loans or credit reestablishment loans, are car loans made to customers that have either no credit history, a FICO score below 620, or other blemishes on their credit report that would cause a conventional lender to turn them down.

Getting High Risk Auto Loans

Unlike conventional lenders, banks that make high risk car loans look for a way to get you approved, not for a way to turn you down. At the same time, because these banks loan to people with bad credit, the interest rate is much higher than a conventional loan. Just remember that if you pay this loan on time, chances are the interest on your next loan will be lower and so on until, once again, you can apply for a conventional car loan.

We specialize in getting High Risk Car Loans approved.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1. Not all car dealers do these types of loans. Applying at a dealer that only does conventional financing will result in an inquiry on your credit report. This inquiry can lower your credit score and, at this point, you still don't have a car.

2. Not all car dealers that do special finance have banks that report to the major credit bureaus. Buying a car from one of these dealers will not help you reestablish your credit.

3. We and our participating dealers have helped thousands of customers with bad credit get a new car and begin to reestablish their credit.

4. Our online application is SSL secured to ensure your privacy. We explain the application process, let you see how much car you can afford and even have a toll free number in case you have any questions our site doesn't answer.

5. It will save you time and you can apply from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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